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I tried selling item to buyer and he kept trying to get me to meet in closed off spot where he had several people waiting in car and around corner . Twas very expensive item and they were trying to steal item .

I would not meet them so they went around honking in my neighborhood and I told them I wouldnt sell item to them anymore so they reported me for reasons that were not true . And posted my account to there offer up page saying I wasnt reliable . They were mad I caught onto there plan and were trying to get me banned . I have always had great rating on offer up and never any problems.

I have a family and offer up is a source of income .. I have never wronged anybody on this site and am a family man that would never do anything to burn somebody ...

User's recommendation: This site should not ban people for false reports and claims.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

OfferUp Pros: Good site to let go of unused items.

OfferUp Cons: Lot of fake people and people that waste time, Fraudulent items, That only fake cashier people contact me.

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