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I wanted to suggest that you add a function that allows you to search the entire US. Users like myself look for rare or items not found locally.

In order for me to find these items, I have to go from city to city and state to state to do my searches. I believe that if you add the function to allow users to search the entire US, you will have more users visiting your site and using the app. Letgo does allow for this, but their platform is not as good and user friendly as Offerup. Craigslist is also a good site but they don't allow the search of the entire US which I think limits a lot of users.

In order to improve on these limitations of other sites and apps, Offerup needs to do something differently.

Give the user more choices and they will use your app more than these other sites or apps. Thanks Arnold Cruz

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Website.

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Same problem. The best I can do is go into Google image search and write what I'm searching for (example: unique sofa) and then write site:offerup.com This limits the search to offerup but it comes back with maybe 100-200 listings and they are random.

It definitely doesn't return all "vintage sofa" listings on offerup. It's extremely time consuming to go from zip code to zip code and research every single term (chair, table, sofa, etc.)


I sell items online and I'm always looking for ways to find good deals online to resale.Adding this option will work great.




There is a way to search the entire US for an item using Offer-Up. I just did it, it works great, and it is very simple to do but you have to use Google browser: list your item followed by site: offerup.orgIn my case I searched for a Digitech TRIOPLUS Band Creator and Looper. So this is what i typed in the address block:Digitech TRIOPLUS Band Creator and Looper site: offerup.orgI got four different listings in four different cities!

to Michael #1486113

yes tried your tip, but only found 3 listing on offer up. so no it doesn't search all.

Good Try!!!

i search sea pro 17, and got 3 links. i know there is more cuz i searched different cities in offer up and found more.


I agree. I am looking for a rare car I collect them.

There are sellers wanting to sell. I have cash eager to buy and annoyed with offerup to try to find. Makes me use other selling sites more.

Am I to think they want to wait to sell lock only?


As they surely will gladly accept the money I have 1 or 200 miles away.

It is nice when wanting to buy in a certain area unlike other sites.

But try to find that 1 item someone somewhere has and this site will have you pull your hair out in frustration. That should be resolved because I am not the only one that uses other sites instead of offer up first.


Agreed. I am having the same issue.


They deferentially need some way to expand the search area, at least up to 250 miles!


The whole idea is that you meet people and buy items locally. If you want to search all over US/world, check out ebay. You might have better luck with that.

to S*** #1396113

dumb rebuttal, sellers want to sell regardless of where it goes, wake up

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