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My account was closed on offerup for violations. I have contacted offer up over 5 times questioning this issue and they have ignored my emails.

Apparently they can just close you account at any time for no reason as they have not given me a reason. I believe they closed my account because I have not used their option to bump up an item where they get paid $1.99 so they are not making any money off me.

I am still waiting to hear from them. I will continue selling on eBay, craigslist, and let go where I have not had any issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Easy to sell and buy.

I didn't like: Do not respond to emails.

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I was banned after someone replied to an ad I posted about cheap lawn services. Long story short I get to this guys house to mow overgrown grass and trim overgrown edges but instead found a yard destroyed by a dog with hole after hole and 2 years worth of dig poop.

Not to mention the thick tree like overgrown *** that needs to be dug out with a shovel. I am not afraid of hard work I started cleaning. Two hours later after overheating my equipment and breaking two shovels I told the guy I would be back next day to finish. I was ok with him paying me half.

Next thing I knew guy was kicking up dirt throwing anything he could get his hands on insulting me with vulgar language. I wanted nothing to do with him so I said keep your money good luck finishing the job on your own. Then I left never thinking twice about the guy. A few days later I am banned from OfferUp because he is claiming I harrassed him with abusive behavior and vulgur language.

OfferUp states they "will investigate any issues that arise". If they followed there own procedure they would find out that the guy is lying and intentionally smearing my reputation.


Don't listen "anonymous" seems to me that they are someone who has nothing better to do than post comments on here when they have really no idea what they're talking about. Same thing happened to me I didn't violate and I got blocked.

if someone reported me for something it would be nice to know what it was so I could defend myself. Yes OfferUp is free app to use but if they want to keep having good customer relations they should respond or for tech support.

to Mic #1400170

I second that, he is someone with way too much free time on his hands. Same thing with some of the {{REDACTED}} flagging legitimate accounts causing them to be blocked. I know OF is free, well then, time to move to another app.


Best thing they ever did was delete my account. Trust me they did you a huge favor.


I still have not heard from them as I don't know what policy I violated. You cannot correct a problem unless you can identify the problem.

They are not responding .

Why ??????????????? Are you an offerup employee ???????????????

to Annsbargains #1394474

I am not an OF employee. I am an old with with common sense.

OF has no need to reply since you violated their agreement when you signed up. Do you have any idea what a customer service center would cost? Even Google does NOT provide ample customer service for their Youtube users. The reason is because it costs a LOTS OF MONEY.

Entitled people like you need to learn a lesson. Until OF starts actually making money, which will probably be never, they have NO incentives to reply back to people like you.

to Anonymous #1394585

I don't know if you are or are not an employee. Again, I want to know what policy I violated.

Until I find out, there is NO policy I violated and they do what they want and for an unknown reason. Offerup will never make money because they will not be in business as all their negative comments are going to catch up with them and they will not survive. Furthermore, any business needs customer service and if they cannot afford it, then they should not be in business.

What is the point of running a business and not making any money ?????????????????????? People like you need to open your eyes and face reality.

to Anonymous #1397679

And you seem entitled to make judgement calls on people. Before doing that look in the mirror.


They closed your account because you could NOT follow the rules and had NOTHING to do with declining on the "bump" option. Most of their users don't use the "bump" option.

to Anonymous #1394582

I simply want to know what rule I did not follow. If they cannot tell me that, there is no rule that was violated.

to Annsbargains #1396904

Wow...." If they cannot tell me that, there is no rule that was violated."...How is that logical? OfferUP does not want to spend money to hire customer agents JUST TO CONTACT STUPID PEOPLE and to inform them as to why their accounts have been closed.

You AGREED TO ALL OF THEIR TERMS when you initially opened an account.

Their TOS is rather simple and you violated it, so they closed your account. Learn to comprehend what you have read.

to Anonymous #1397455

Even when people follow rules, they still get banned. All it takes is an *** reporting your account, either because they did not like what you posted (or asking price), or, because you did not accept what they wanted to pay for your item. Your account gets banned without an explanation.

to Anonymous #1397683

Listen. Stop slandering and calling people stupid. You should know better is you are “old” like you called yourself!

to Anonymous #1400222

You obviously sound like to are part of the offerup scam. You should smarten up and look at all the negative feedback.

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